About Robin Kaplan 

Robin Kaplan was the kind of person who could inspire a hundred people. She had a personality, presence, and warmth that attracted people to her. Her open spirit and ability to listen and understand others were traits that helped her to connect with anyone; old friends or new acquaintances alike.

Robin grew up in Framingham MA and graduated from Worcester State College

in 1990.  She was employed at the TJX Companies for over 8 years.

Robin suffered from Crohn’s, an often painful and limiting disease.

As it progresses, sufferers find themselves more and more closed off from life.

Robin was someone who worked through the pain, rarely complaining and even supporting others while she carried her own burdens. It’s that sense of selflessness and support that resonates with Robin’s friends, even thirteen years after her passing.

While Crohn’s affected her daily life, she never let it get in the way of living. Work, travel, trips to the beach, and an active social life are all things most of us take for granted, but for a Crohn’s sufferer like Robin, these are things that can be a daily challenge. It is a testament to Robin’s spirit that she refused to be defined by her disease, and she chose to rise above it. 

She was pursuing an interest in photography, redecorating her condo and most importantly - spending time with family and friends.  She truly cared about other people and would take the time to really listen and be involved with their lives.  After facing her biggest challenge in January of 2001, she was determined to recover from a serious operation and learn everything she could about the disease. 

Robin relied on the services of the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation local chapter in Needham, MA and looked for a way to give back.  She registered for the Foundation's annual walk at the end of September 2001 with a determination not only to complete the walk, but to raise money necessary for research and treatments to help other people.

Although Robin’s passing on 9-11 was tragic, her family and friends turned this tragedy into a living and growing testament to her generosity and fighting spirit— the Robin Kaplan Memorial Golf Tournament. 

Every year, the proceeds raised from the event are donated to CCFA’s Camp Oasis. Camp Oasis provides an unforgettable experience for children with Crohn’s Disease or ulcerative colitis, otherwise known as inflammatory bowel disease. For children who suffer from malnutrition or from prescription side effects, or for kids who need to receive nutrition through feeding tubes at night, Camp Oasis provides an experience that cannot be provided by regular camps. In 2004 the RKMGT sponsored nine campers from the New England area.Since then, the Robin Kaplan Memorial Golf Tournament has raised over $1million to help support Camp Oasis.

The goal of this tournament, beyond raising money to help children with Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis is to celebrate Robin’s life. Robin changed the lives of many people and a week at Camp Oasis gives kids a new experience that can change their lives, too.

Many of Robin’s friends and family will be at the tournament this year. So please, if during the tournament, you happen to bump into someone who knew Robin, take a minute and ask about her. They will be happy to tell you what an extraordinary woman Robin was.